Ayahuasca, Nature & Indigenous Culture in the Perú Manu Biosphere Reserve
November 15 – 24, 2018

Manu Magic - Ayahuasca, Nature & Indigenous Culture

Perú Manu Biosphere Reserve

Duration: 10 days, 9 nights

Cost: $1,850

Join Jessica Bertram, of Parign Hak, and Sacred Travel Peru in the Peruvian Manu Biosphere Reserve. Jessica is a practitioner of traditional Shipibo medicine, cultural facilitator, ethnophysological counselor and ceremony leader to local indigenous Harakbut people. Jessica’s love for Manu began in 1997 when she was first a rainforest guide.

Born and raised in Germany, she surrendered to the call of the Amazonian Plant Teacher, Ayahuasca,  after a life-threatening initiatory crisis. She is affiliated to the School of Traditional Shipibo Medicine in Pucallpa and is an active member on the School´s advisory board.

Jessica works in ceremony with small groups of Westerners committed to positively transforming their lives, while at the same time fostering mutual understanding and respectful interaction between cultures.

As in all shamanic healing practices, deep compassion and genuine care are the foundation of her ceremonial work.

What to Expect


  • Private transportation Cusco-Pilcopata-Queros-Cusco
  • All overnights in the Queros community lodge (double occupancy)
  • All meals as indicated in the itinerary
  • Drinking water
  • Bilingual guide (English/Spanish) and cultural facilitator
  • 3 Ayahuasca ceremonies
  • Plant baths upon request
  • Integration circles
  • Individual post-ceremonial debriefs as needed/requested

Not Included:

  • Additional food items (cookies etc.)
  • Personal expenses for crafts

Please note, that the cost of the tour does not include your airfare. 

Want to Join Us? Please Read This....

Throughout our work, we follow the recommendations given by the International Center for Ethnobotanical Education, Research & Service (ICEERS), all participants go through an integral process of selection, preparation, ceremonies, and integration. This process includes a pre-ceremonial information package, a previous personal interview with Jessica, traditional dietary restrictions,  group integration circles and further one-to-one integration interviews in between ceremonies and availability for further follow-up for another three months after the retreat.

Here is the formal process that all participants are required to go through in order to sign up and participate in one of our retreats:

1. Upon reception of your filled out registration form, our Ayahuasquera, Jessica will review it. Once there is confirmation from our end, we will send you our retreat itinerary including costs, and a pamphlet. If you would like to proceed, at this point an initial deposit of 50% via Western Union is required. This deposit will be considered a partial payment. *Spaces are limited for Manu Magic, and until the deposit is received your reservation is not guaranteed. **Also please note that we require a minimum of 2 participants (maximum 8) for a trip to happen.

2. Once we receive the deposit, we will send you a complete information package which contains all the necessary information you need to prepare yourself properly. It is a requirement for participation and your responsibility to read and assimilate this package, and start preparing yourself accordingly. After reading the whole package, and in case you have doubts or any questions regarding your preparation, this is the time to ask.

3. With the information package you will be sent an informed consent form which we ask you to print off, sign and send back to us. You will also be given a link to a medical questionnaire which we ask you to fill out and submit as soon as possible. Questions may arise from the information you provide and we may ask for clarification at this time. In case we consider that there are any medical or other conditions that disqualify you from participation in ceremony, we may ask you to decline and we will give you a complete refund of your deposit.

4. A Skype or Facetime interview will be scheduled soon after the informed consent and medical questionnaire are received. We use this as an opportunity to get acquainted and answer any additional questions.

5. Participants will be required to attend a pre-departure briefing together with all other participants in Cusco the day before the retreat, to discuss the itinerary in greater detail, and get acquainted with each other. Please take this into account when booking flights into Cusco. We ask that you bring the printed and signed informed consent with you to this meeting. At this time the remaining 50% of the payment (in cash) is due as well.

**Any restrictions that have not been followed as part of a proper preparation for this retreat, such as the consumption of marijuana within six weeks prior to the first ceremony, or withholding any pertinent information about your health, may result in us not allowing you to participate. In this case there will be no refund. 

Please remember that questions are always more than welcome in this process.

Cancellation policy

If a cancellation occurs within 4 weeks of the retreat date, the deposit will not be refunded. If a cancellation occurs before the 4 week mark, the deposit will be refunded in full. The remaining 50% of the payment is due at the face-to-face meeting in Cusco one day prior to the retreat.

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Important to Note

This itinerary unfolds within the natural and cultural environment of an Amazonian indigenous people, the Harakbut (Wachiperi subgroup). It is as much a trip for holistic cleansing, healing and learning about ourselves as it is for learning about and from this unique rainforest culture and its natural mountain rainforest environment.

During our stay, we will interact with members of the Native Wachiperi community of Queros, and stay at the community lodge which features eight double rooms and two shared bathrooms with flush toilets and cold showers.

Community members prepare the meals using their own produce (bananas, plantains, papaya, manioc and other rainforest crops) and farmed fish as much as possible.

Among Wachiperi people, time runs at a different pace and their outlook on “reality” is different. Because they welcome us into their community and are our hosts, it is required from all visitors that they meet them with utmost respect, bring a high degree of openness, interest in local culture and an open mind towards other ways of thinking, perceiving and living. This will ensure retreat participants to appreciate and learn how these people have subsisted with and within this unique mountain rainforest environment to the present day.

It is equally required that all visitors respect a code of behavior that has been elaborated by our hosts and will be presented upon our arrival at the community.

Joey Greenstone, Owner & Guide


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