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Joey Greenstone,

Owner & Lead Guide

Joey Greenstone is a shamanic practitioner, spiritual life coach, and conscious tour guide who fuses ancient spiritual wisdom and mysticism, with plant spirit medicine and other holistic teachings and practices.

Joey grew up in the United States, and since 2003 he has been walking a path of natural healing, consciousness development, and spiritual evolution.  Called by the sacred jungle medicine, Ayahuasca, Joey moved to the Peruvian Amazon and began a shamanic apprenticeship. He is now a conscious tour guide, and a practicing Wachumero– a shamanic practitioner representing the sacred Andean cactus medicine, Wachuma (San Pedro).

Joey resides in Cusco, Perú– the ancient capital of the Inkas. His approach to healing comes from a place of unconditional love and compassion. You will always find him smiling and lightening up life with his sense of humor. Whether it be visiting ancient sacred sites with Joey, or participating in one of his Wachuma healing ceremonies, you can expect your experience to be trans-formative on multiple levels of your Being.


Miguel Bellota Paredes,

Cusqo Area Guide

Miguel Bellota Paredes was born in Cusco, and has been guiding people to the Sacred Sites of the Cusco area for over 20 years. He has a special connection with these sites, honoring them as gateways for those that visit to heal inner pain.

A passionate teacher of Andean wisdom, Miguel’s deep connection with the special places of Peru is evident. He loves to share what he knows and feels with his visitors from all over the world. Miguel will take the time to help you connect to the sites and their greater wisdom in a search for truth that offers peace and harmony. A native speaker of Spanish and fluent in English, Miguel’s heartfelt genuineness will help you navigate these powerful sites in the context of the times in which we live.

Jessica Bertram,

Ayahuascera & Jungle Guide

Jessica Bertram started out as a rainforest tour guide in Manu National Park in 1997, and has since grown into a practitioner of traditional Shipibo medicine, cultural facilitator, ethnopsychological counselor and ceremony leader to local indigenous Harakbut people.

Born and raised in Germany, she surrendered to the call of the Amazonian Plant Teacher Ayahuasca only after a life-threatening initiatory crisis. She is affiliated to the School of Traditional Shipibo Medicine in Pucallpa is an active member on the School´s advisory board.

Jessica works in ceremony with small groups of Westerners committed to positively transforming their lives, while at the same time fostering mutual understanding and respectful interaction between cultures.

As in all shamanic healing practices, deep compassion and genuine care are the foundation of her ceremonial work.

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Joey Greenstone, Owner & Guide


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